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The video above, is an actual ORAL CARE DENTURE CLINIC patient, wearing a new set of custom made Fountain Of Youth Dentures ®, as explained below :


1.  The patients jaw relationship was corrected, to give a perfect bite.


2.  All bone and muscle structure supported.


3.  Patient can move the jaw freely in all directions, without the dentures being dislodged.


4.  The Upper and Lower dentures are secured in the mouth, purely by SUCTION created by having a PERFECT FIT.


5.  Patient has an improved cosmetic appearance, giving a much younger look. Able to enjoy a better quality of life.


YOU TOO, can experience this life changing result with the “ Deluxe “ Cosmetic - Fountain Of Youth Dentures ® by - COSMETIC DENTAL PROSTHETIST - Mr. PAUL FODOR.

 Achieve Your Dream Smile with The Denture Fountain Of Youth®

One of the first things people notice, is your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can so dramatically and very easily, redefine your smile and highlight your facial features. Mr. Fodor is very experienced at performing many dental treatments, depending on your wants, your needs and your ultimate goals to your Smile Makeover.


"Highly recommended. I really like my new set of teeth. A fantastic professional service."

-Ron Carter

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