The Denture
Of Youth® 




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Very Attractive :

Your smile will be natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Self Confidence :

Is restored when you're fitted with a beautifully handcrafted Cosmetic Denture.

Facial Support :

All the bone structure in your mouth, facial muscles, cheeks, lips, will be supported, to a natural-looking, more youthful appearance.


Comfort :

Your new dentures will feel comfortable in your mouth, due to the exact precision of the impressions taken.

Balanced Function :

Your new Cosmetic Dentures will function properly. When chewing your food and your lower jaw moves left, right, forward, and back.

Durability :

Your new Cosmetic Dentures are only the highest quality and made from the latest dental materials. They are very strong and light in weight.

 Achieve Your Dream Smile with The Denture Fountain Of Youth®

One of the first things people notice, is your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can so dramatically and very easily, redefine your smile and highlight your facial features. Mr. Fodor is very experienced at performing many dental treatments, depending on your wants, your needs and your ultimate goals to your Smile Makeover.


"Highly recommended. I really like my new set of teeth. A fantastic professional service."

-Ron Carter

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