Mr. Paul Fodor


Your Cosmetic Dental Prosthetist - Mr. Paul Fodor, has over 30 years of experience in Dentistry, with exemplary ongoing training. Mr. Fodor has completed a number of precision Dental courses in Australia, Switzerland, America, gaining further knowledge in the field of modern cosmetic dental prosthetic technology, he knows the importance of maintaining the latest advancements in precision Cosmetic Dentistry.

All our patients receive very personalised caring service and an individual dental treatment plan. Restore your Facial Appearance, Enhance your Function, and Achieve Optimum Oral Health. Smile with Complete Confidence.

Certified Clinician -The Denture Fountain Of Youth®

If your looking for a dental practitioner with unparalleled expertise, combined with an artistic flare, then look no further than Mr. Paul Fodor - Cosmetic Dental Prosthetist - Certified Provider - The Denture Fountain Of Youth®. He has the skills and training necessary to help improve a patient's quality and way of life. A patient will experience a comfortable, perfectly fitting denture, which will redefine their smile, boost self-confidence, and actually ease the appearance of aging.

The Denture Fountain Of Youth ®

If you are missing just one tooth or many teeth in your top or bottom jaw, you will suffer from bone loss in the mouth ( scientific fact ) - this will age you prematurely 100%. Your facial structure will slowly over time, begin to collapse and you will have a sunken-in appearance. 

If your old dentures are worn out, they make you look old, your current dentures look fake and don’t fit properly, sore gums, you can’t speak properly, your dentures fall out when talking, laughing or eating. There is a solution, to your denture problems. We can transform your smile and your quality of life, with The Denture Fountain Of Youth®. 

The Denture Fountain Of Youth® are the ultimate deluxe cosmetic dentures, they’re truly amazing.

They require more experience, dedication, science, training, study, and patience to construct, so the patient can achieve the perfect, natural, aesthetic smile.

Benefits of The Denture Fountain Of Youth®

Improved Functionality of Upper and Lower teeth, in all movements.

Improved self-confidence.

A more youthful appearance.

Facial aesthetics improved.

Enhanced support of the jaw bone and function of the muscles, across both dental arches.

Wrinkles eased around the lips and mouth.

Front teeth support your lips and Back teeth support your face.

 Fuller Lips

Stronger jawline and firmer skin.

Cheek muscles supported.

Facial aesthetics greatly improved, by the underlying support of the lips, cheeks, and the muscles and structure of the face.

An improved level of dentition, a comfortable fit, which far exceeds the economy/standard and traditional dentures.

 A Dental Prosthesis, that blends perfectly in with the symmetry of your facial structure.


The Ultimate,

Deluxe Cosmetic Denture 

The construction of The Denture Fountain Of Youth® is performed by Mr. Fodor. He uses a scientific procedure and carefully collects all of your facial measurements and consolidates this data, with state-of-the-art dental prosthetic technological equipment. Numerous precise impressions are taken. These impressions, take into account all of your facial muscles and bone structure, to construct a perfectly fitting and comfortable, deluxe cosmetic denture. The Denture Fountain Of Youth®, will rejuvenate all of your facial features and give you a more youthful appearance.

Your looks will be reinvigorated. Your facial features will be supported by the exact position of your new teeth, across both dental arches. 

You won’t have hollowed cheeks, a sunken-in look or a collapsed facial structure, that gives you an aged appearance, from your old worn out - economy/standard or traditional dentures.


The cutting edge dental materials and dental prosthetic equipment, which is used for The Denture Fountain Of Youth® is outstanding when the final dental prosthesis is issued to the patient.

Rejuvenate your whole appearance, self-confidence, and your quality of life, with The Denture Fountain Of Youth® in our Dee Why dental office. Call us today, for your Smile Makeover consultation on (02) 9553 7815.