Look and Feel Younger 

As you begin to grow older gracefully, you may find that you look older than other people, around your age.

The human body ages after our mid 20s and you begin to show signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, physiological changes, grey hair or white hair and you may experience a few body aches. If you’re looking for ways and feel younger in your overall appearance, I have some great tips for you.

 1. Exercise Regularly

If you want to get your body moving and reduce the signs of ageing, you should include a regular exercise routine during your week. You should do some form of exercise of at least 30 minutes a day. Regular walking and stretches is a great way to relieve stress and improves overall body energy levels, prevents sagging muscles and helps you to maintain a healthy body weight. Whatever you do, make your regular exercise part of your daily routine.

 2. Sleep More 

It`s so important for you to have a good sleep every night. This, intern, will make you feel refreshed and alive. That’s why its called beauty sleep! You should try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. This will restore your body and keep you functioning during your day.

If you’re not sleeping enough, this will cause winkles, dark circles around your eyes and eye bags may appear.

By sleeping more, your body batteries will be energised and you will look and feel so much younger.

 3. Reduce Your Stress        

As you age, hopefully, you’ve learned how to live a life that’s stress free or know how to manage your stress in your daily routine. If you’re not managing your stress levels, this may age your body in various ways. Studies do suggest, that blood pressure and adrenaline may increase your ageing process and may cause you serious health problems. If you want o take years off your appearance, you need to learn how to manage them. You may want to take a vacation and leave your stress behind, for a week or two. Another way, is to write down everything that causes you stress. Then write down some solutions, that may reduce your stress levels. You should start by taking these actions and then your stress in your life may reduce and you will look and feel younger.

 4. Dye Your Hair      

This tip can really take years off your appearance. By hiding your grey or white hair, this can make you look years younger. Try and keep your colour similar to your natural colour (before you went grey) and your facial complexion will look more natural.

 5. Drink More Water       

If you drink more water, this will keep your body more hydrated and is very important for your skin too. Try and drink water about one litre a day, this will keep your skin more supple and radiant. Your whole body will definitely thank you!

 6. Change Your Wardrobe       

This is a great way to take years off your appearance, by updating your wardrobe. You may be currently wearing clothes that are too big, too small for your body or the colours just don’t suit you. By wearing current fashion, you will look years younger – I’m sure you will get some nice compliments too! By not dressing well, this can make you look many years older than your biological age. Don’t dress too young or too old. – Just dress in a way that is appropriate your age. You can look in some fashion magazines or visit your local retail store and ask for some assistance, if you need any.

 7. A Smile Makeover - Upgrade Your Dentures       

This is a very important way, to look and feel many years younger, than your biological age, by upgrading your dentures to The Denture Fountain of Youth ®. FOY ® Dentures  are the ultimate cosmetic dentures that are personally customised to suit your individual facial features. When you lose your natural teeth, its normal for your upper and lower jawbone to deteriorate. This jawbone deterioration will occur 100% in every patient. When the upper and lower jawbone deteriorates, you will lose jawbone and gum tissue as well. You will lose the support for your facial features. As a result of this, the lower third of your face will collapse and you will have a sunken in look. You will show signs, of ageing, wrinkles, sagging facial skin, thinner lips and fatter cheek bones. With new Fountain of Youth Dentures ® customised for you, all your facial features will be fully supported 100%. Your new FOY ® Dentures  are specifically made just for you. Your new dentures will incorporate and support all of your facial muscles and gum tissue, to provide the perfect fit. The Fountain of Youth Dentures ®, are better functioning teeth. They will give you, a younger appearance.